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Sample Class Project

This is a sample class project for Nikki Smith's "Design and Build a Scene Generator" class.

I brainstormed many ideas for this project, and chose a scene that would be most helpful to me as an artist as well as a Skillshare instructor: an artist's workspace. I decided to do a bird's eye view. This will help me showcase my artwork as well as create hero images and cover photos for my future art classes on Skillshare.

Here is my first image created with my new scene generator:


Using my scene generator, I'm able to hide and show different objects, rearrange the props, change out the background and more.

Here is another image I created from this class:


I plan to add more props to my scene generator. I'm going to start with mixed-media art supplies like paints, brushes, and inks, and incorporate some of my finished art pieces and fun accents like oragami cranes and sea shells. As I teach more Skillshare classes, I'll photograph the supplies needed for each class to add to my scene generator.

I find this so helpful!!


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