Vladimir Raykov

Marketing and Sales Manager



Sample Class Project

Sample Project For Skillshare Students

Product: The Ultimate Guide To Launching A Successful Business In 2016

Short Description: It’s a 10-hour premium training program that teaches people how to build an online business.

Price: $997

A plan for the questions I need to address:

Question 1) I will talk to several of my happy customers to shoot short video testimonials. I might also give them several points to talk about. I will also share my experience and show my results.

Question 2) I will compare the price of the premium program to a college course and one on one coaching.

Question 3) I will be extremely specific in my messages and I will make sure I get a clear picture in my mind who my ideal prospect is. I will be talking about concrete, tangible ideas. I might include absolute numbers because they help specificity. I will avoid vague and too broad ideas that would have many interpretations.

To your success,
-Vladimir Raykov


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