Sample Class Project: Oil-Free Asian-Style Sauté

Sample Class Project: Oil-Free Asian-Style Sauté - student project

Planning: I knew that I wanted to make something like a vaguely Japanese, general "Asian"-style stir-fry. As such, I wanted to keep the ingredients relatively simple, with just a few different flavourings. Given the Asian influence, I settled on ginger, garlic and chili as the primary flavours. I knew that I also wanted to show how onion is a great way to add flavour to any dish, so that had to go in there as well. Moving on to the vegetables, I literally used what I had at home that day. I had a bag of mixed frozen vegetables, and I had some leftover broccoli stalks in the fridge from when I had steamed the heads for previous meals. I also had some celery, which adds a wonderful fragrance to dishes. I also tend to always have mushrooms on hand so I added some as well.

Shopping: As I just used things I had on hand, I didn't have to do any shopping! Yay! That's always a win in my book. It's cooking that I love, not shopping.

Ingredients: Here's what my ingredients looked like (except the frozen veggies) - for the sake of the picture, I "cheated" a bit and used a carrot to represent the frozen vegetables since they include carrots, and a whole broccoli since it's a lot prettier.

Sample Class Project: Oil-Free Asian-Style Sauté - image 1 - student project

Cooking: To see me in action, watch the class ;)

Finished product: Here's what the sauté looked like all plated up! I had it with some leftover black rice, and shredded raw red cabbage.

Sample Class Project: Oil-Free Asian-Style Sauté - image 2 - student project

Now, it's your turn! I can't wait to see what you will make :) Share however much or little you want, and feel free to start your project as soon as you start planning. You of course don't have to share as much as I did, or feel free to share even more ;) Have fun, and let's get cooking!

Mattis T
Yogi, Whole-Food Vegan, Feminist