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Jenn Tardif

Product Marketing at Adobe, New York Yoga Teacher



Sample Career Plan

Mission Statement

Acting as my own CEO, I wrote a mission statement that encapsulates, on a high level, who I am and what I hope to accomplish in my career. 



Moodboard/Style Guide

I assembled some of the things I would like to accomplish as a guideline to build my career. It's really important for me to have a work-life balance so I've included images of my family (top left). My creative goals include getting a cover of the New Yorker and illustrating a children's book so I've added those to my mood board (top right). I've also pinned up some creatives who have careers similar to the one I aspire to have on the bottom right like Jessica Hische, Aaron Draplin, and Christoph Niemann to keep me inspired.





I also created a simple Yes/No style guide to help me decide in the future whether or not to take certain projects. In the Yes column I put projects that I love and would like to do more of: lettering, illustration, collaborations with creative companies like Tattly, etc. In the No column I put some types of projects I don't want to be doing: logos for corporations I'm not passionate about, wedding invitations, etc.







Be Your Own Developer: Experiment

Since one of the goals on my moodboard was to teach a class, I started by leading more meetings at work and volunteering to speak at small meetup groups. I also organized a weekend lettering class once a month for friends and family who might be interested.




I updated my website, portfolio, about me, and social media to reflect the kind of work I want to be known for and continue to do in the future. When uploading your own project here, feel free to provide links to get feedback from the Skillshare community!








We can't wait to see your projects!


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