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Samodiva - a female semi-godess character

Samodivas are part of bulgarian folklore and are said to be exceptionally beautiful, eternally young, high and thin women with long blond hair, and magical eyes. They are all wearing white, and their costumes are made up of several layers of clothing. They have a magical cape and sash. The cape is called "a ray" or "a shadow". They have a mesmerizing stare and anyone who looks them in the eyes is ensnared and unable to resist them. They are attributed to be great dancers and exceptional singers - light as feather and fast as wind.

I started with writing a couple of sentences of my own which formed my brief:

The character I want to develop is a beautiful and seductive semi-godess. She needs to be elegant, light, ethereal, mystical, and threatening but in a hidden, not evident way. She may or may not be armed with a bow and arrow. 

Final design:

I decided to finish this project as a character animation.

If you are interested in the overall process that took me from a concept to an animation, you can read more in my blog:

Here are my first thumbnails:

I found them to be too non-descript and lacking any interesting silhouette.

Anyway I tried to develop them more and wasn't pleased with the result. So I trashed them and started from scratch with different techniques.

Here was my second attemt at thumbnails:

This time I had more interesting characters with unique and readable silhouettes and I felt it is a great foundation for further development.

I refined 4 of the initial sketches and I already have some idea of the direction I want to go. Next step would be to go down to 2 options and develop them even more, until I am sure which one is the best fit.

Some variations of the final concept.

The final design rendered.

From now on I decided to make it a full-fledged project and continued developing some environment and gesture for the character.

After that and many hours of work, I got the final illustration

It served me as a basis for animation. I used Blender 3d for the animation part.

So tell me what do you think?


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