Samantha Johnson

Freelance Interior and Graphic Designer



Sami Johnson Design

Working on my paragraph, trying to stay true to myself since my brand IS myself and my design work and services. The key words I found from the worksheets include "rich, clean, crisp, bold, fun, laid back, personable, sophisticated, colorful, open, homey" 


'Sami Johnson Design is a personable and open-minded studio offering interior and graphic design services to clientele who are looking for bold and sophisticated solutions to their design challenges. The approach at Sami Johnson Design's homey studio is full of rich colors and clean and crisp lines while maintaining the coveted fun and laid back influence of its colorful hometown, New Orleans.'

I am attaching a sheet of some variations of a logo I worked up several months ago that I have not been using and that I will be reworking after going through some more of these classes. I find it very difficult to design for myself whereas doing this for other people comes a lot easier! This exercise has been very helpful in putting some things in to words I have not been able to do until now. Thank you and looking forward to diving into more of your classes!




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