Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design

Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - student project


[07.28.16] I started working on a color palette and decided to step away completely from my very original direction that was living in the blue/green world. It just hasn't been working for me. I am always drawn to metallics in my work and love starting with neutral palettes and adding a mix of detailed pieces in gold, brass, bronze, copper, and brushed stainless in my interior projects. So what I've developed pulls from this and the fact that my business has 3 facets - interior design, graphic design, and photography - ultimately giving each part a platform to stand on when the time comes.

I've also reworked the symbol in a couple of ways. I modified the linework so that there is a subtle (I repeat, subtle) hand drawn effect which I highly value and push through in my work on all levels. Secondly I took some advice and removed the curved text and reduced it to a single descriptive line below the logo symbol. To me this made it feel stronger overall. Lastly I've included some first attempts at working with the scalability and how it might work when shrunk down on a footer or a mailing label, all while striving to keep the overall brand intact. 

Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - image 1 - student project

[main logos]

Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - image 2 - student project


[secondary logos]


Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - image 3 - student project


[tertiary logos]


Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - image 4 - student project

Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - image 5 - student project

[07.27.16]  Here is what I have for some digital sketches so far, I like the direction it is going but I want to see if I can incorporate color in a thoughtful way so I will be exploring that and will update soon. The use of a watercolor paint texture on the left is interesting and I think that it has a place within my brand to keep it from being overly rigid so I'm thinking maybe that is how I can bring in color.

Any feedback so far would be greatly appreciated!

Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - image 6 - student project


Some typefaces I found on Font Squirrel that I like for my brand:

Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - image 7 - student project

Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - image 8 - student project


Pinterest Board:

I am thoroughly inspired by geometrical line work, especially those that insight 3D forms or some degree of dimensionality. I've also discovered that I am definitely drawn to muted color palettes that use contrast to their advantage to avoid getting muddy and include a metallic element like bronze or copper. I am also really loving the watercolor effect. 

Sketches to come.. and here they are!

Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - image 9 - student project

Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - image 10 - student project

Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - image 11 - student project


a. Initial usage is for website, business cards, stationary and watermarks. Will need to be both color and grayscale. Would like to have at least 3 variations that include fully written out business name, a shortened version, and a purely typographic version that might be used as a signature.

b. Future usage would include stamp or embossing for tags and/or labels, would like to be able to work in expected business expansion to include photography (Sami Johnson Design + Photo)


I completed the first part of this course and it has already helped me hone in on my brand's identity and is forcing me to stay true to myself and my brand. This is my current (unfinished) logo from before I started these classes and I have been struggling to finish it. I am taking the opportunity to start fresh and design something that satisfies the terribly high bar I seem to always set for myself. Designing for your self is truly one of the most difficult things I do. 

Sami Johnson Design - Logo (re)Design - image 12 - student project

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