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Samhain, the Incredible.


Updated 7/24/2014

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In an effort to surprise his beloved wife, a gifted magician unveils his most terrifying magik.

For this adaptation, my focus was on:

58. Sam Hookey

I RAN away from home with the circus, Having fallen in love with Mademoiselle Estralada, The lion tamer. One time, having starved the lions For more than a day, I entered the cage and began to beat Brutus And Leo and Gypsy. Whereupon Brutus sprang upon me, And killed me. On entering these regions I met a shadow who cursed me, And said it served me right.... It was Robespierre!

Because I implemented several characters, my focus was also on:

18. Trainor, The Druggist

Only the chemist can tell, and not always the chemist, What will result from compounding Fluids or solids. And who can tell how men and women will interact On each other, or what children will result? There were Benjamin Pantier and his wife, Good in themselves, but evil toward each other: He oxygen, she hydrogen, Their son, a devastating fire. I Trainor, the druggist, a mixer of chemicals, Killed while making an experiment, Lived unwedded.

114. Mrs. Sibley

THE SECRET of the stars,—gravitation.
The secret of the earth,—layers of rock.
The secret of the soil,—to receive seed.
The secret of the seed,—the germ.
The secret of man,—the sower. 
The secret of woman,—the soil.
My secret: Under a mound that you shall never find.

50. "ACE" Shaw

I NEVER saw any difference Between playing cards for money And selling real estate, Practicing law, banking, or anything else. For everything is chance. Nevertheless Seest thou a man diligent in business? He shall stand before Kings!

My thoughts:

After reading the piece by Edgar Lee Masters,  I got to thinking about the myriad of options a cursed shadow would provide my story. I asked, what would drive a man to unleash cruelty on the pet lions of his lover? 

I settled on the idea, that Mr. Sam Hookey was a magician, gifted in the slight of hand. What kind of curse would a shadow place on a magician? Maybe it follows him, everywhere he goes. What would it say? Maybe the shadow affords him secrets he could not have known otherwise.

Not many things are named Robespierre, so, I assumed it was the ghost of the late French revolutionary. Traditionally, history remembers him as the facilitator of the reign of terror in France. Therefore, I constructed a premise in which our magician might be able to figuratively behead several of the townspeople who directly or indirectly slighted his marriage.

The chaos, aided by Robespierre is expedited by the delivery of Sam Hookey's most prolific performance as a magician. In his final performance, Samhain, the Incredible, displays exactly to the world, how powerful his cursed soul is.


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