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Same river, different perspectives

Christian, I really enjoyed your class. Thank you very much.

For my project, I chose Vilna river (Vilnius, Lithuania) and its surroundings to show 4 different perspectives. All images are edited with VSCO Cam and Snapseed.

My instagram is found here to look for more pictures.

First one - the “up high” picture.

The second one - “down low”. I hope this counts because the love padlocks are very big part of Vilna river. 

The third one, it's more like combo of “shot of myself” and "with a tool". Vilna river seperates Užupis from the rest of Vilnius and a lot artists have chosen to live in Užupis. So next to the river there are a lot of fascinationg art objects and I found these cool handmade windmills and decided to a shoot myself.

Hope you like it.


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