Samarra Khaja

Pattern-maker, Designer



Samarra's NYC Souvenir Collection

What better fun is there than to appoint yourself Chief Resident Souvenir Creator?

Yep, you totally landed it. You interviewed yourself, you were offered the job and you accepted! Clearly a win-win.

Now it's time to let your mind run wild with all the possible things you can festively cram into a glorious repeat pattern representing where you live! 


Start with a pencil and paper and get to writing out a list of any and everything you love about your surroundings. Sketchbooks hold all the best rough ideas!

Behold my sketchbook, paired with moody nighttime lighting...:


Chronicling your thoughts in the pages of a sketchbook are a great way to keep track of your ideas (date your pages!) and then later turn them into ravishing stuffies/pillows/whatever-you-want-to-call-em like THIS handsome devil!


And now that you've gone this far with two brilliant showpieces, let's not stop there! Totes!

Badaboom! Helloooooooo, P-I-G-E-O-N! Fuggedaboutit! It's in the bag!


Now THAT'S WHAT WE'RE TALKIN' 'BOUT!! The design possibilities are endless when you realize the only limits are what you and your souvenir shopkeeping self want to dream up!

Let's DO THIS! -sk


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