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Samantha favorite grandpa died

Creative brief

A young girl named Samantha lost her favorite grandpa. 

Story tile

Lost her favorite grandpa

Story introduction

Samantha was in her first semster in college. When she was look for the math building when she bump up to a guy name Tim. Her grandpa was a firefighter till he couldn't work anymore. Samantha got into a romance with Tim later on. The her grandpa was died very slowing.

Story description

When Samantha realized her grandpa was not doing so good, when she went over there. She is struggling with her math class so she had to cancel tutor for that day. She try to work on her math work. But she was very worried. Her grandma took him to his doctor and he had cancer. So she told her math teacher the next day that she would get a call.

Story overview

Part 1

Samantha was at college she couldn't find the math building. So this guy show her around.  Two months later her grandpa got sick. Her grandma had to take him to the doctor he was diagnozed with cancer.  She told her math teacher she was expect to get a call from her grandma about her grandpa. They told her he only had two in half month.

Part 2

She was get tutor in her math class with Tim that show her around. So Tim invite her to came to his house and eat super with his family and go to his room and work on tutor. So a year later, Samantha was doing so good in her math class.

Part 3

Tim realized she was doing so good in her math class, she didn't need tutoring anymore. Samantha ran into Tim in math building. He ask her out on date to a movie.  She said yes that was a year later. They had an amazing time as a couple.

Part 4

They were a couple in she realized there was a few month left to spend with her grandpa. She told Tim, what was going on and he was very worried about. So the next day she went to see him, and he was okay. But two day after, she got a called from her grandma and said I don't know where you are but you need to come see your grandpa in the hosistipal. She was very worried and sad. So her boyfriend took her to the hosistipal and they went in together. Her grandpa told her that he was very special to you in that realtionship. So she said three or four hours while the boy ran to get her something to eat. Then her mother suprised call us in ask if her grandpa was going be okay. She didn't live with her mother, but she live with her father. So her boyfriend took her home that night and she woke up in the middle of the night got a message from her grandma. Said sorry Samantha, He just passed away. So the next morning she was really depressed. Her father didn't understand what was going on. So her boyfriend call her and check on her and she told him. So she need help really bad because she couldn't move on. So her boyfriend took her to a place where she got help.


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