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Sam Morris Cow Art

The most important rule to buying art is that you invest in what you love and how it makes you feel.   Art can truly reflect your personality and there's nothing quite like the thrill of finding the perfect piece!

I specialise in the universally loved animal the cow!  My first ever painting was created as a birthday surprise for a special friend.  Falling in love with the process of seeing a character emerge onto the canvas, I haven't stopped painting cows since!

 This year I have achieved my first licensing deal with a greetings card publisher who supply to Boots, Harrods and The Royal Palaces.  I feel like a musician who has just got their first record deal!  But maybe not so rock and roll!   

 You see I knew aged 5 colouring OUTSIDE the lines was actually more fun and that I wanted to be an artist!  BUT life back then was chaotic.  

My Mum was an alcoholic; she stumbled from drama to disaster across the country, married 5 times and struggled with the responsibilities of 4 children.  I was the 2nd eldest taking responsibility as best I knew how with my younger Sister, Brother and eldest Sister who had profound and multiple disabilities.  Days and nights would be taken over with finding and disposing of bleach bottles filled with vodka, spirit bottles hidden in the toilet cistern, searching for my Mum in various pubs and clubs, sitting up all night dealing with her hallucinations and body convulsions, regular threats of suicide and basically clearing up the mess that this lifestyle created.   Thousands of times I would gently explain to my Mum what wonderful person she was when sober and how much we needed her.  She had the most beautiful big brown eyes, she was funny, she loved to write, she just couldn’t hear me.   Aged 13 reunited with my Dad, he helped me escape.   

As you can imagine life got significantly better thanks to my Dad’s support.  I went to school regularly for the first time, I loved learning, I made friends, I discovered possibilities.    My past has certainly influenced my professional career as I went on to work in the charity sector.  Supporting people whose life appears to be stacked against them, to help them see their own potential this work is awe-inspiring.  For 10 years with The Prince’s Trust I have helped many young people who were ex offenders, in-care, or educational underachievers realise their own talent and supported them to set-up their own business or get back into education.  More recently as a Director for the children's literacy charity "Beanstalk" I am proud to be part of a team that transforms young lives through volunteer support.

One of my favorite quotes is by Ventori,

 "I don't believe that you have to be better than everyone else, I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be". 

As I approach the end of my 2nd year of trading I am building and inspiration for my 3rd year so it is the best adventure yet!  My 2nd year was a focus of agricultural shows and building relationships and sales directly with customers.  I've enjoyed great success, through sheer hard work and determination - this has built great momentum.  BUT it is important to me that each year is different, so with that in mind:

Year 3 will include building my auidence reach through gallery representation (something I have been afraid of so far).


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