Salve8 Dressing

Salve8 Dressing - student project

Hello there! I don't have a super organized idea here - I wanted to submit something to get me started. 

I love making salad. I've worked professionally in kitchens, and enjoy all kinds of cooking. Chopping veggies and covering them with some delicious dressing, however, is my favorite meal making pastime. \

My dressings will likely come in small, unusual bottles and will need to be refridgerated. 

Salve8 dressings will each feature 8 types of ingredients:

1. a vinegar

2. an oil

3. a seed

4. a sugar

5. a fruit

6. a vegetable

7. a spice

8. an herb

I'll need to work with a food scientist at some point, but right now it's just test kitchen and brand strategy planning. 

Salve8 Dressing - image 1 - student project