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Salvage - Empowering women in Sri Lanka


Salvage is a Sri Lankan non-profit organization that seeks to provide aid and support to the people and the environment. The body behind the organization consist of underprivileged women who seeks to be independent; to be able to stand on their own feet to feed their families. Through using discarded materials, these women are able to create beautiful pieces in hopes to give back to the community in exchange for support. Salvage desires to make a difference, and is devoted to be an inspiration for others to be the change they want to see in the world. Finally, Salvage revives hope for those who have lost it.

Slogan: Beauty in the deserted 

We don’t always see beauty in things that people dispose of. Salvage aspires to turn something hopeless into pretty things that will inspire its audience to see things differently. With a creative mind, Salvage is able to see past typicality and present beauty at its simplest form to the world.


p/s: There’s already an established logo, but I wanted to show my personal opinion on a new logo.


Rationale: I figured since the merchandise has its personal touch by every worker behind the scene, I wanted the logo to portray an informal representation; something that is kind of hand written. In my opinion, hand-written font demonstrates care in a subtle way. 

Concept of products:

All the products, ranging from accessories to gift cards are made from recycled waste. Despite using “second hand” items, the quality of these handmade goods aren’t jeopardized. We want customers to know that each item they bought is personal, that someone took the time to put the pieces together. Items that fall under the same category may look the same, but they contain mellow distinctive details - colour and shape.


I aspire to photograph visuals that is able to portray a "humanizing" factor of the brand.












The hand captured along with the merchandise shows a personal touch. We want to remind buyers that the organization isn't a mass production establishment. Effort in creating along with promoting the merchandises come from passionate individuals who personally took the initiative to reach out to the people.

Goal: The aim of this project is to recycle and rehabilitate.

  1. recycle - simply because we’re conscious about bettering the environment. We believe that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We seek to turn the “unwanted” into wonderful treasure finds that is unique to every owner.
  2. rehabilitate - we restore faith to those who are lost. We believe that everyone has an impact on others no matter how small. We have their backs for those who is passionate about changing their lives, and is thankful to those that helped influence the future of the underprivileged. 

This is a project that I've participated, and my main role was to build goodwill and spread awareness on the brand. I do not own any of the products. For more info, please here


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