Salvador de Bahia + more

Salvador de Bahia + more  - student project

Salvador de Bahia + more  - image 1 - student project

This is my Final Project: (Above)

Why I love Salvador da Bahia, Brasil

My map reflects my traveling throughout the Salvador by bus, I spent three weeks in Bahia with my partner. He's a chef so some of the traveling focused on the culture of food. One of the best wasy to learn the city meant getting lost, but this since we spoke Portuguese we'd always get back on track. 

We both took numerous photos of everything we spent time in Itapaua and Itaparica where my partner spent three months at Institute of Saccatar. I was invited to lecture on Design at the University of Federcio met some really interesting designers that practiced textile and product design. 

Bahia is an amazing city to visit, and I plan on visiting again this June for about a month. My goal is to identify clients or firms seeking desing or branding research in places like Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. The economy in Brazil is emerging and it will only continue to grow. Also I'm in the process of lining up several writing assignments that will focus on the culture of food, architecture, design and new emerging market of craft makers. 

I created a hand-drawn map of the city using colored pencils then overlad a series of colorful photos that convey a strong sensibilty of what you'll capture throughout the city.

For example their are probably at least 365 churches at least one for everyday of the year, most date back at least til the 18th century. Street for is pervasive throughout the city, the best places for acarejae are not to be found near the tourist area, if you're adventuresome visiting other areas is the best way to enjoy the culinary delights being offered.

Additionally, the city is rich in art galleries and while graffiti is illegal it's everywhere and simply beautifully done. 

I would actually make my map digital, then code each visual image so when you rolled over could see other images. This map would be posted on my and my design website too. Also would like to include video links within the text as well.

This is my imaginery City map.

I cut-up several screen prints I made for oversized postcard. My goal was to create a sense of texture and patterns something that I enjoy incorporating in my design work. If I had more time would have added yarn to signify street locations. 

 Salvador de Bahia + more  - image 2 - student project

First project:

I love to travel with my partner, we normally travel together at least 2 or 3 times a year. We've been to China, Canada, Mexico, Alabama, Switzerland, London, Brussels, Italy, New Orleans, Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, Maine,  New Hampshire, Virginia, Washington State, and California. I've probably left out at least three a more places.

Salvador de Bahia + more  - image 3 - student projectHere's a few of my class doodles of places I love in NYC, usually visit these spots at least twice a week some more often then others. For example I spend a lot of time riding my bike to Little Red Lighthouse, which is nestled under the George Washington Bridge. And I also love walking to Central Park from my house and wondering through the Conservancy, although it's quiet now spring is close at hand and blossoms will be breaking through the earth and the park will be ablaze with an array of beautiful flowers.

Salvador de Bahia + more  - image 4 - student project

Below is concept map I drew for one of my students who was having a hard time understanding how to structure information.

Salvador de Bahia + more  - image 5 - student project

Below is Chelsea Market Area and MeatPacking DistrictSalvador de Bahia + more  - image 6 - student project

Below is one of favorite spots the Little Red Lighthouse

Salvador de Bahia + more  - image 7 - student project

  • I do have a background in creative direction, branding and storytelling and all of these areas of expertise can be applied to my map making. But I also love to creating objects that are hand- and machine knitted, plus I also do screen printing too!
  • Ideally I'd like to create maps for specific areas near where I love that would be good to develop tours
  • not sure if my final project will be digital or print, am thinking I'd like to explore both directions just to see where this leads me. 
  • Probably could include a few more details this helps to provide context.
  • Dear class, I need your help/expertise/guidance on how with staying focused and being clear, sometimes I have problems knowing when to edit content. 
  • I scored 75% on abstract art test it was a surprise 

some of favorite resources:

Michele Washington

creative direction/branding strategy / storyteller