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After long nights on the side of a full time job staring at 10 names on paper for hours the name has become final. I jumbled down names , Sea Scout was already taken by the Boyscouts of America or something like that. Salt Doctor was the second name for the company but I needed something that could attract more people and would be timeless. I want this name to last forever or at least outlive me . 

I thought about what I wanted a clothing company to be about from my personal experiences. Sure I liked to paddleboard , and would go for hours and miles on end but what made that experience special that people could relate too? I wnted the brand to be about travel, and ocean,  but also this spirtualness that comes when you spend time in open water for so long . It needed to be simple and it was. What was the same about all my travels in different countries, cultures, etc.? The ocean . salt. What was that spirtual feeling you get when your body has taken in this water? 


Salted is a paddleboard clothing and paddleboard company for everyone who wants to feel good on the water and help the enviorment . A small portion of proceeds will go directly to a charity ( not chosen yet) helping to clean up our ocean. Feel good doing good.  

I am still stuck on slogans and could use some help. 

salt of the earth:

Def: the most worthy of people; a very good or worthy person

Be the Salt of the Earth.

or maybe


This is everything we are about as a company and who we want our customers to be. The most worthy of people , adventures, explorers, lovers, heros, and everyone else who loves do good for the sake of doing good. 

  • Early Ideas
  • I like the A as paddles. 
  • Plus having different countries in the background
  • Mallorca map created with photoshop . One of my favorite oceans 

  • Made with actual "salt mountains"

Still much more to come. Would really love some feedback . Spent last night taking to a lawyer and to register and with fees an LLC is looking at 1500 min. I would love to do it when I have the money. Until then I am going to work on saving money and finding a good wholesaler of shirts. The hard part is a certain company I am looking at requires a tax id number and I wont have that until I register the company. I did go get a business certificate though. Hey its a start. 


I am torn between two . 


Logo Ideas:


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