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Salt/Sugar Scrubs

For my label project, I wanted to focus on the branding for a line of natural salt and sugar scrubs. Below is my mood board and type inspirations, to be followed by my packaging and label process. Thank you for viewing.

comforting, slowing down time, natural, refreshing, vitalizing, renewing, cleansing / ridding yourself of negativity, moving on...

I mainly plan on selling these scrubs in person and online through my Etsy shop. However, there are tons of scrubs available through Etsy. Here are some examples of already established competitors and what aesthetics are readily available that I _DON'T_ like. I want to set apart my product by not only the actual quality but the aesthetic of the brand as well-- No reused jam or canning jars. No bright and bubbly bows or ribbons. No Victorian-era inspired etchings. No typewriter fonts. No I-printed-this-at-home-on-Epson-labels. I don't mean any disrespect to the creators/designers of these products. This aesthetic is simply not what I am going after.

Brand values:
- High quality, natural ingredients / no chemicals

- Clear description (IE: you know that it is a skin health product, not a spice you use in the kitchen.)

- Reusable / recyclable packaging - also no plastic

- Striving for gender neutral branding, or at least not appealing to only females

Below are some type sketches for the label. Coming up with the brand name "Homebody" with the tag line "natural shower scrubs" or "salt & sugar scrubs" was half the battle. Some of my other name ideas didn't seem to be simple or relevant enough, or too generic, or used nautical terms not necessarily known to the audience (being a salt product.)

- A professional quality product that's used at home; get great results at home!
- Natural ingredients
- Wanted it to come across as a product you can make part of your grooming routine, not just a novelty
- Attempted gender neutral
- Its a grooming product you use in the shower/bath, so I was associating it with "body wash"
- "Homebody" on its own would be confusing, plus without the tagline the word alone may have some negative associations.

Below are composition sketches for the top circle label (3). "Ill" = illustration of scent/flavor. I think I was trying to cram too much info into the top label and some of it needs to be moved to the side label (1).


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