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Korey Klein

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Salt Lake City

Hi, my name is Korey Klein and I've called Salt Lake City home for the last 3.5 years. SLC is synonymous with it's surrounding attractions, like world class skiing and the Great Salt Lake, and not so much it's small urban center. So often in my photography, I escape to the mountains for your standard landscape photos and neglect the city. Here's my first go at shooting with the city as my subject.

1. Street Portrait

SLC is by far the cleanest city I've ever seen, yet it also has street art on practically every block; it's an odd, but very welcome mix. This spot is tucked away, and for some reason, is patrolled by security. I was lucky enough to see this one person stroll by before security came around.

2. Look Up

I used the iPhone for this shot, as the lack of tall buildings required a wider angle. The old architecture caught my eye and the flock of birds kept me there for a while.

3. Motion Blur

By far the most difficult photo on the shot list. I snagged some speeding cars at intersections, but in the end, I couldn't resist this shot of the light rail on an empty street (despite the company logos that made it into the frame).

4. Night Shot

SLC is also synonymous with the LDS (Mormon) church. The iconic Salt Lake temple is always brilliantly lit at night, so I figured that's where I'd go for this shot. Instead of shooting the architecture, I spent 30 minutes lining up this shot and waiting for the right moment.

Thank you for checking out my project!

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