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Sallie Walkin'

Hey guys!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my project. Hopefully I can provide some insight on my process throughout the timeline of this project and onward.

I've been wanting to take this class for quite some time, before getting my skillshare membership I created a character that I thought I would like to animate, although this was without knowing the constraints of how the assets would need to be formatted. The original "Sallie" below:

Obviously, with my level of experience in after effects and what the class required, there were some things to be compromised on. Firstly, she needed legs. She would also need to lose her giant stack of cash for the time being. Lastly, some smaller details in the arm would need to be lost for now (until I figure out exactly how to include these in the animation). With that said I created a new character formatted properly for the animation:

With that sorted out, here's my first shot at a basic walk cycle:

Notes and improvements to be made:

There are still some things I'd like to edit to get this piece to somewhere I'm satisfied with, and a few enhancements I'd like to add along the way. Her head seems to be a little too jerky, I want to soften that up. Her right (front) leg slams down pretty hard, and her left (back) leg lifts with a lot of velocity - I'd like to soften up both of those and get the movement looking a bit better. I'm not quite sold on her arm movements just yet, for the amount of back swing there should likely be more follow through, as it follows through more I'll straighten it out more as well. The shadow may need some touching up too to look more natural.


In my next version I'll plan on creating new layers for the cigarette and bun in her hair (maybe even her glasses as well) and animate those on their own, I think it would look more natural and add a lot more character. After that it'd be nice to integrate her fat stack of cash in some way. Maybe the cash is flowing through the air as she walks. I'll have to figure that out precisely.

That's it for version 1 for me! Thanks to Fraser Davidson for putting together a great class! For those interested I'll be updating the project here on skillshare as I move along with the improvements and enhancements.


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