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Sales Prospects App


orginally took this course last year & i produced an office space app (based on the movie)  so you could upload your fav quotes!

Anyway doing the course again because i am looking to develop a basic

web app for businesses to use to in their sales departments

Idea:Sales Prospects App

Ideal prospect profile web app 

Enables any business to identify category A, B, C customers in terms of turnover, location, budget

Update 02/04/2014

Uploaded my app to

The app allows anyone to sign up, sign in , add , view , edit , delete accounts -

To see an example account login as [email protected] and pwd skillshare

or use any madeup email address and pwd

  • Also contains sign in and sign out messages
  • Vaiidations of you enter incorrect details ( i think!)

Things to do

  •  Redesign the home page so it looks nice
  • Would like to setup a forgot your  email option if they forget their email - not sure how to do this
  • Add more info the about
  • create a contact us form - not sure how to do this
  • Add SEO
  • Add more fields - Location , Budget , Turnover , Size etc



Update 07/04/2014

Redesigned home page

Allow vistors to view other peoples prospects but not edit or delete other prospects.

Things to do

1. Add google analytics

2. Add SEO

3. Add contact pages

4. Add forgotten password option.

5. Would like to find out how to put a light blue banner behind the header and subheadline so it stands out.

updated 21/04

new url

redesigned screens better UI & UX


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