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Sales Outsourcing by SPM Consulting Inc.

Hello, welcome to my project.

I have just recently opened my own consulting business and I am looking to build it properly from the begining.  I would like this business to be much bigger than myself and do not want it to be dependent on me.  Thus, it must have the processes and systems in place to attract the right people to it (Clients and Employees) and it must create big value to it's clients to generate great success for all.

SPM represents:

The main service offering the company will provide is Sales Outsourcing services for growing companies who need business development support to continue their growth but do not want to create the sales team and processes internally.

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The Business Model

My business is a people oriented business but one that does not need a specific physical location.  At least not until it has significantly growth and even then my not need a large physical real estate presence.  That being said, it is location dependent due to the fact that face to face selling is required thus we need to be where our clients are.

Assets of the business include the knowledge, skills and experience of the sales executives that we hire.  It is key to translate these assets into systems that the business and use to replicate success with other customers and other contacts and eventually in other locations.

My client base will be small to mid size companies who have had some success and need to introduce a dedicated sales/business development group into their company to grow to the next level.  These companies will be run by individuals whos core skills are not sales and who do not want to take on the responsibility of the sales role.  Outsourcing their sales function to an experience company on a full or part time basis will be very attractive to them.

Freelancer or Entrepreneur

As I start my business, I am a freelancer but the main purpose of starting this business is to become an entrepreneur.  Once my company grows to the point of hiring my first salesperson so that I am not the only person doing the selling, I will then transition to the entreprenuer.  Hopefully sooner than later.


My business is self funding.  Currently we are engaged in a couple of outsourcing contracts that will generate profits to grow the retained earnings in the company.  Growth should be self funding since the business costs will be mainly variable and do not need to increase until new contracts are secured.


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