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Shawna Iwaniuk

Graphic Designer



Salazar Family Crest

The Salazar Family

Established in Northern California in 1977

In 1984 relocated to South Lake Tahoe, CA where we resided for 10 years.

Fishing seemed to be the one thing we really did as a family. Whether it was in the ocean (Martin's Beach, CA) or in Lake Tahoe. Rainbow Trout was the popular catch in Tahoe.

Like most families, mine loved food. Dad was a spaghetti pro.

Always a little more pessimistic, my Dad would always say "that's Salazar luck for ya!" whenever anything bad would happen.

"2nd Gear... All The Way"

Simple funny story about how my Dad drove a motor home all the way from presumably somewhere around Utah to Colorado. This is a story we tell often and laugh about. It's also funny as my family was so laid back and basically a stay at home group, that we really were "2nd gear.... all the way".





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