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Saint Lou

Just a glimpse of the city through my lens. No expensive camera or gear, just a Sony, a prime lens and a cell phone to edit my photos.  

1. Street - one of my favorite shots because I'd preset my camera on the train for something else, then I noticed this dudes skull cap. Catching his first puff against that wall backdrop was an uncalculated bonus.

2. The lookup challenged me a little because there's a lot of construction going on throughout downtown. I like this one because the shadows at the bottoms of the buildings gave the shot a natural vignette. 

3. Motion - A staple shot in St. Louis-someone running for the train or bus. The blur from the front of the train appears to lead the eyes right to the guy chasing it as it smoothes out. 

4. Night shot. The idea was to use the lights from the passing cars, street lamps and those built into the ground on this stretch of the street to illuminate the shot. I used the building backdrop and low angle to make her larger than life.


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