Saint-Augustin | Skillshare Projects




It took me awhile to finally get to a place great enough to make this assignment. 

I waited to be back home during the holidays to walk on the river's shore and capture its winter scenery.

The up-high picture is not as high as it could be. I made some shots from the top of the cliff but it didn't came out as good as this one.

It's funny how the down low shot was made on a trail on top of the cliff instead of on the river's shore. Again the picture turned out to be not so interesting because of the dirty ice.

The self shot was made from quite far as I don't like much the "foot-selfies".

Finally, I used my iPhone for the picture with a tool. I may try with a mirror or something else in the future.

I really enjoyed doing this assingments. I'm definitely thinking of different ways to shoot the same event/scene.



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