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Sailing into the 60's

WELCOME ABOARD, this blog is about passion for personal change and the stories of life transitions from age 60 and beyond! Illustrations, collages, and photos that transport our thoughts and inspire accompany the writing. 

"Sailing Into the 60's" is the creation of a small group of writers (two+)
that love to observe all manner of things, especially folks 60 and over, and comment. Of course as speculation happens it seems that pictures add to the ideas.
Sidney is the unpaid imaginary editor of this blog and her/his
impeccable collaborative response to posts is always to benefit of  all.

Comments are very welcome and we hope to receive, comments, photos and stories from our readers. Let’s get started.

"They spent their 30's loading the boat and 40's traveling the sea and their 50's jettisoning their collections of worries to sail into the archipelago of unconsummated desire."

Sidney Stone

Sidney's ready to meet real people and ask the real
questions. Follow Sidney on journey's every week, to discover the
people and stories about life.

Jan 16 2014


This project is an entrepreneurial plan to provide a connecting place for folks over 60 to express ideas, share resources, and tell stories. Comments will be reviewed and moderated daily. Observations/comments with positive options for change will be encouraged. Humor will be rewarded by vote. Some select assets (stories and images provided by Sailing into the 60's) will be available for sale as an ebook or resource subscription. The site will offer links to articles and blogs as well as how to videos about ways to creatively communicate and be yourself reducing worries.


  • parts of an interesting day
  • managing an ego with reason
  • setting up?.. taking time for spontaneous vacations vacations
  • exhibiting gratefulness
  • simple steps for making a collage, photographs, and routines for change
  • replacement behaviors

Tree Frog "Always suround yourself with beauty."

By the way it works both ways. – Sidney



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