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Sailboat Motif


I was pretty excited to be putting together a pattern design on Illustrator! I did have a few complications, which made it a bit confusing/frustrating to navigate. I still a lot to learn about the program. I spent a really long time on constructing the pattern so I'm really happy with how it turned out. This is a screen shot of my pattern. I felt really anxious after having many of the "no memory" warnings while editing. There was an instance when the program did crash and I didn't save the work :( I'll keep exploring though. I would love to learn what the printing process would look like, now that I know how to create a pattern.


I've been wanting to learn Illustrator for years, so I was glad that I was finally doing it! Here are my sailboats after I cleaned them up. I didn't like some of the colors in the original, so I made them white for now. 


During lunch again today, I finally got a chance to sit down and watercolor--it was also my first time using watercolors as a medium. My break was only a 30 minutes break, so I did feel a bit rushed. I hope my minor mess ups on painting won't effect the overall result of the project. I didn't have a nice pen to outline first, so I colored the picture, then traced the picture with a sharpie pen. 


I enjoyed making a running list of themes for my motifs. Throughout my day at work, I had an electronic sticky note on my desktop that was pulled up on the corner of my screen while I worked. It was good to brainstorm themes that went beyond the typical floral motif (even though I do love florals). The other day during my lunch break, I went to a nearby coffee shop to sketch. When I was sketching, I had mutiple themes on my page- berries and pottery. It wasn't until I stopped to notice my surroundings that I realize my work enviroment was set on a boat dock. I was inspired to do a sailboat motif because it represented my everday life.


-Jam Jars
-Cake Stands/domes
-Afternoon tea
-Jelly fish
-Fruits- Apples, pears,
-Berries- Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries


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