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Sail Thou Forth, To Seek and Find

Monday, Oct. 28, 2013

Oh gosh, I'm so behind on this course. Nothin' like a moving and a new job to make time fly. But I've finally got a little bit of downtime to hunker down on this project. I was torn between a phrase to keep my head in the workin' game ("less jaw; more paw"), a passage to soothe my anxiety ("stay calm"), a dedication to my city ("urbs in horto"), among other things. I finally settled on my favorite Whitman poem which, incidentally, is tattooed in its entirity on my arm.

Quote Selection: "sail thou forth, to seek and find"
Mind Map:
I first heard this poem while reading Leaves of Grass in high school English but didn't think about it again until one of my dearest friends set off on a 'round-the-world trip and named her travel diary after it-- Now Voyager. Because of these associations, the poem elicits feelings of nostalgia and whimsy. I'm inspired by clean, simple design and would love to juxtapose that with the meandering, wandering, and adventuresome aesthetic the passage brings to mind.

Mood (Pin) Board:

Waves, anchors, scripts, and prints. Compasses. Imagery that indicates journeying and nautical themes. Clean and crisp vs. homespun and rustic.

Tuesday, October 9, 2013

Exercise 1: Starting to Sketch


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