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Sail Away

I decided to take this second class with Ana because the first one really taught me SO much. Best decision ever, it was as interesting and helpful as the first one!!

The first exercise was to do a negative space watercolor drawing. I decided to try a whale under the sea. This was a tricky one... you really have to go fast so the edges don't show! But I really enjoyed the challenge. I decided to add a black contour to the drawing because I like the contrast it gives... don't know if that was allowed on the exercise though!


The second exercise was using masking fluid as a resist. I'm currently doing an Instagram drawing challenge and the prompt for that day was balloons, so I used it for the exercise. Adding the masking fluid took a while... it really was a lot of work. However, once you're done with that, adding color was SO easy! I had done a prior exercise with that technique, so I'm adding both of them here. 



Since I had experimented before with white ink over watercolors I decided to skip this step and decided to go for the final project right away. I was just so excited and wanted to try it immediatly. Same as with the second exercise, the prompt from that day of the Instagram drawing challenge I'm doing was Sail Boat. I thought it was perfect for the project and went with that! 

This is a progress pic of it when it was in the messy middle! It was scary, I thought I could ruin it any moment... I used negative space for the lettering and the moon and masking fluid for the big stars and the sail boat. 


After that, I proceeded to add the white details on the clouds and the sky with white acrylic paint. Once it was completely dry, I removed the masking fluid, painted the boat and added some details with a brown fine liner. This is how it turned out!


And a closer look!


Thank you so much Ana for another amazing class! Can't wait for the hand lettering lessons!


More experiments with these thechniques. Can you tell I'm having fun with it? 




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