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Saffron Salt

I grow my own Saffron and like to find new ways to preserve it and use it.  So, why not make saffron salt?

For this project I just made a dry salt using course sea salt and about two tablespoons of saffron.  I would imagine adding a touch of warm water would better distribute the color throughout the salt.


1 cup course sea salt

2 tbsp saffron threads toasted lightly

Place your salt into the bowl of a food processor, herb mill or blender

Warm a skillet on low heat and add your saffron threads, stir them constantly to toast them without burning for 1 - 2 minutes.

Transfer your toasted saffron to your food processor, close it and pulse it for about 2 minutes to break-up and evenly distribute the saffron into the salt. 

Saffron salt is perfect for sprinkling on seafood and chicken as a finishing salt; add it to soups, paellas, and hollandaise; salt the rim of a blood mary or add it to the bloody mary, or both.  You can store your salt in any tightly sealed container indefinitely.  




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