Safety... Nay... PARTY PLAN!

1 | About Me

My name is Joshua Rainwater. I work at home in Columbia, SC doing full-time freelance primarily with videography, but have a strong desire to communicate effectively in all visual aspects. I most definitely do not have a specific style yet (as you will see in my inspiration section), but hope starting Skillshare will gently direct me into effeciency and comfort. 

2 | Plane 

I have chosen the Douglas DC-10 primarily for my hidden Pan-Am infatuation. The DC-10 was used by a few other airlines until production ended in 1989 (the primary user being Fed-Ex - still to this day), but the Pan-Am "Just In Case" pamphlets are for some reason just hilarious to me. 

Its most distinguishing feature is the two turbofan engines mounted on underwing pylons and a third engine at the base of the vertical stabilizer. The model was a successor to McDonnell Douglas's DC-8 for long-range operations, and competed in the same markets as the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, which has a similar layout to the DC-10. Production ended so Douglas could push the MD-11s. As far as modern airplanes get, this is a classic.  

3 | Inspiration - Precedence

Love how much room this one has to breathe.

The pictures are unclear, but I love this 80's/90's layout.

This is pure gold. The textures, the colors, the bizarre faces. Wish I could make everything look like this. Hilarious. 

I love how much room that middle circle has to breathe. Pretty clear what to do with relatively simple illustrations. 

4 | Inspiration - Style

As stated above, I am not sure which direction I want to tackle for this project. Below are some examples I think are poignant to designing clearly. I do think a safety brochure should be graphically heavy, to illustrate the precautions across language barriers, but also keeping the information relevant enough in a society that is bored with the "how to buckle" videos. 

This is most similar to my style. Heavy shapes, geometric feel.

Be aware of the trends, but don't fall privy. Thicks lines are good, but can be overdone. 

This is my goal. Super, super simple shapes to represent life saving techniques. This is the ideal, but is there any human way it could translate?

Also great direction. Dated, but feels fresh somehow.

5 | Direction & Sketches

Nothing as of yet. Going to work on these now! Thank you for the tips and opportunity, all!


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