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Safety On Board


3. So I got working on my ugly drawings / rough sketches. Still just drawing a bunch of different ideas for layouts and concepts. I definitely want it to be a take on the original safety guide but I'm also hoping to throw some creativity in it and make it feel like a poster you would want to hang on your wall. So I might simplify the steps a bit to get an interesting layout and simpler design. I'm leaning towards the airplan in the air with the circles around it. But still thinking about it.

Up next...some more refined sketches!


2. So I went ahead and started gathering images that I could use for inspiration. For some of the images I liked the colors and thought I could use them for reference for my own color palette later on. And other images I liked the style a lot. Hoping to look at this when I start creating my final illustration.



Hey everyone. Excited to be working on the project for this class! I started out with finding an airplane I wanted to do the Safety Card for. I chose the Airbus 340-300 which is the plane that flies from United States to Europe with SAS and I have spent A LOT of hours on. So I thought it would be fitting for this project :)

You can see their current Safety Card on the bottom left.


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