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Safe and Sound

Hello to all. My name is John and I was introduced to the course and to Skillshare by a friend who has more than once mentioned that I could and should try designing art toys like those sold by KidRobot. I have been quite enamored with many of the designer and series toys I have seen in the last ten years. There are so many great art toys and customs of toys available that it's hard on the wallet. As an entomologist, my interests lie in the biological (insect) world. I would like to incorporate some sort of plant or animal as a component of my design. The major push of the project, then, is the juxtaposition of the industrial with the natural.

The following is what I have mood boarded so far. Just a bunch of images of things that popped into my head. I'm not sure if I should focus on a single-type toy or variational (blind-box) series type toy. Both have merits.

Initial sketches illustrate the double entendre of the project title, Safe & Sound. The safe figure itself will serve as the receptacle for the accessories. Said accessories might include noise makers, small speakers, and/or earphones, as well as things we might normally expect to be held within a safe (e.g. - jewels, money, secret documents). The safe can also be used to store one's own small items.


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