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Abbey B

Photographer/Graphic Designer



Safe && Wild ---> Hand Lettering Adventure

QUOTE I CHOSE: If you keep me safe, I'll keep you wild.

Here is my pin board. From layout to patterns to some font ideas to work from.. this is just a visual of where my head is at. I think I have layout figured out..I'm scared because I tend to go toward very simplistic ideas and things but I don't want to get too crazy and chaotic. Finding that balance is going to be my challege. Feedback is always welcome! Evolutionary sketches and stuff are coming soon!  Kept it black and white just because I am thinking that way to start off with. Colors are just ideas but we will see where it takes me. 


These are my sketches and then my one version of a "final" sketch. I don't know if I love it yet though. I defnitely love the layout but is it too simple? I'm also learning how many different kinds of lettering is too much etc. Feedback defnitely appreciated! Had the idea to incorporate a deer but ended up leaving it out.. 

Different lettering styles:

I had the layout idea as soon as I thought of the quote. I'm kind of set on it but thinking of other ways to spice it up make it a bit more on the wild side :) 

UPDATE: Digitally have colored and added prints to the leaves. I'm in LOVE! Now I just need to get it printed. Would LOVE feedback and also if anyone has a site in mind that would print it on good quality paper?


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