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Safe Boating Announcements

For my project, I couldn't think of a poster that wasn't too visually complicated, so I went ahead with the cover art of this random obscure record belonging to my man-friend.

(Sorry for the glare. Won't be recreating that for this project!)

With Brad Woodward's lessons on the basics of Illustrator--forming large shapes out of many basic shapes, tracing with pen, making and manipulating lines, and the keyboard shortcuts--I was able to complete the first two main components of this project relatively easy. This image was a good starter subject, because it's comprised primarily of pretty simple shapes: block background orange-red and blue for the background and foreground, and circles and rounded rectangles for the sun and clouds. 

The boat was very simple to trace using the pen tool. Yay, my first ever illustration!

Added lines to finish the rails of the boat, and added the background/foreground sans clouds. I found the function to curve the lines particularly useful for this part, specifically the main front/back rails and the two lines sticking out the top.

In the tiny corners where I wasn't able to create the clouds exactly with just circles and rounded rectangles, I just drew it in with pen. You could also accomplish this a bit more easily with a small point blob brush. Also traced in the sailor figures using the pen tool.

This is where I hit some difficulty. The process of creating every single wave form I knew would be extremely laborious. Tracing was out of the question. I was able to recreate the forms easily enough just by creating them as lines, then creating the wave shape by using the width profiles under the line options, and curving the line to fit the wave shape. But even then it was very tedious, especially assuming there might be an easier solution out there I just don't know about yet. Maybe there's a brush or symbol image that could create these in mass? Or, is it possible to make a customized brush to do so?

I had a particularly hard time creating the black waves. Whereas the red and yellow forms were simple, the black ones overlap one another, making wavy blobs in some places (see the forms directly under the boat). The line techique I had been using up until this point was a little inefficient for creating the black forms, just because it required so many more lines to fill up the blobby space. But I didn't want to trace the outline of the form, for fear of losing the wavy aestetic. Any recommendations on how I could have more efficiently created these?

That's all for me right now. I'll be updating again soon once I generate the title text, and play around with some texturing. Thanks for checking out my work!


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