Safe Adventure

Safe Adventure - student project

Style Dice--

Cover image is a mashup of "Classic Inspo", which for me is the work of Richard Scarry and many other illustrators I remember from childhood, combined with a core memory from my past. I still remember the wonderful feeling of being hoisted onto my dad's motorcycle as a kid--my hands resting on his as we zoomed around the neighborhood. It felt both safe and adventurous.


Populating my World

After setting myself some rules, I decided to combine Inktober with the style exercise to populate my world. These particular characters are all black and white, but I will create some in color as well. Sticking to the rules I set out, I'm finding it easier and easier as I progress. I like having many of my decisions for image making already made--it allows for more freedom and play, (even though that may sound counterintuitive). 

Safe Adventure - image 1 - student projectSafe Adventure - image 2 - student projectSafe Adventure - image 3 - student projectSafe Adventure - image 4 - student projectSafe Adventure - image 5 - student project

Safe Adventure - image 6 - student project