Sad Cat

Sad Cat - student project

I really enjoyed this series, Roman's style of art and teaching, and felt very motivated while working on the project. I already had a concept in mind, so I did not choose unrelated words to spark the idea. Instead, I built on the concept of a sad cat with the backstory of it being in a rescue situation. I did the word association technique and totally snagged Roman's idea of rain symbolizing sadness. During that process I also wrote the word 'harsh' which led me to draw a very angled slashing rain. Other words I wrote were 'looming' and 'doom', hence the low cloud. Not too unexpected but for me, I was happy because originally I would have just drawn a cat and nothing else.

Here's the final:

Sad Cat - image 1 - student project

I've always enjoyed my free-flowing sketchbook drawings and working on PhotoShop collages, but I had never thought of combining the two. Thanks Roman! I used loose pen sketching and some paint washes which is something I'd usually not choose so I could have this new experience.

Here are some of my preliminary loose sketches:

Sad Cat - image 2 - student project

I set the project aside because it was still missing something to make it special. A few days later, I was home outside in the morning at a time when I am usually at work. I noticed my cat sitting on the stairs looking adorable so I took his photo. That's when I noticed the stair rail casting a shadow on him that resembled jail bars. So I added 'jail bars' to my word list.

Here's my cute cat on the steps with shadows:

Sad Cat - image 3 - student project

This led me straight back to my sketching and I came up with this:

Sad Cat - image 4 - student project

I liked how the slashing rain and the jail bar shadows created an X across the sad cat. I felt like it added some tension and drama. I played in PhotoShop for some time. And, let me stress "played" because it was really fun with very little worry. I'm really pleased with my results. I love this process. It took me farther than usual. Normally, I think I don't press ideas far enough and this class gave me some new tools to reach deeper.