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Sacre Du Sang ( Sacred Blood )

This is My Croque in Illustrator I had a tough time updating th exact color,  I decided the base should be grey but for some reason it wouldnt show through ? Adding the graphics at later date I decided you could get the general idea by just veiwing the white version. Please let me know what you think . 


1. What Problem would I like to solve ? 

  • The obstacles that I would like to challenge include embracing the ever evolving artistic influence of sacred geometry & art in the current co-cultures of street & mainstream fashion. Utimately I would strive to re-elevate the global consciousness using sacred geometry in fashion & street style as a visual medium. I would like to visually stimulate a continuing global conversation via sacred geometry & art. Focusing on Shirts first 


2. How do you want solve it ? 

  • To embrace these obstacles I would like to expose the global market to a constant stream of accesible garments male & female. Visually stunning but also strikingly contoversial in the terms of imagery displayed. creating an elevated conversation where visual beauty challenges the sacred connotations of art in mainstream fashion. 


3. How is it different from whats already on the market ? 

  • By stimulating a global community & encouraging expanded consciousness for all generations in garments I hope to embrace the current collective consciousness re-elevate the state of minds.


4. What is your demographic ? 

  • My demographic is 12 YO  - ∞ . 


5. How much would you pay for it ? 

  • With basic fabric options I would pay retail $20 -$35 for basic collection Garments.
  • With luxary fabric options I would pay retail $50 - $100 for premium collection Garments.



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