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Sabrina's Nine

I'm a relative newbie to Instagram and photography (as in, I'd rarely even held a camera/camera enabled device before this spring) and I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, although I do think I've improved from where I began (as I think you can tell if you look back to my first Insta posts) and am beginning to narrow my aesthetic focus. Here's my Instagram/nine photos at the moment:


I think the nine photos exercise is such a brilliantly simple curatorial device, and, looking at my feed from this perspective, I can more clearly see things that need work. Now, I am obviously far from becoming the an Instagram Beyonce (I'm more of a reluctant Demi Lovato), but I think I'm narrowing my overall look down a little. I can see, though, that I want, in future, to do a better job balancing my posts with constructions on a white background with my more densely colored, outdoor photos. I also see that I want to do a better job of maintaining a color palette/ keeping a consistency of hue between similarly colored photos (e.g. the greens of these, and how some are significantly warmer in tone than others). I think my top six photos do a better job of maintaining a visual language than the nine as a whole. My biggest issue right now is figuring out how to balance work in progress art shots and more traditional photos. I actually got an instagram to attempt to promote my art, the photos were just a way to fill space/time between projects, but now that I'm starting to get rolling, I feel like there's such a big divide between my photo aesthetic and the look of my visual art (which has a more pop-y feel) that I'm not sure how to balance the two. For reference, here's a pic of a work in progress painting I put on my Instagram a while back:


I'm a big admirer of Allison Kunath and how she merges her visual art's style with her Instagram photos (, but I'm not entirely sure how to do that with my own, seemingly disparate aesthetic. Any tips or feedback is very much appreciated, and feel free to visit me in my confusion at Best of luck to all!


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