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Sabriel Drop Cap

Sbariel is the first of the Old Kingdom Series by Garth Nix. It's fantasy, but not the dungeons and dragons type. Magic is featured heavily, as well as hand-to-hand combat and a formidable quest creates the spine of the entire story. Overall themes include good vs. evil, growing up and accepting one's responsibilities, destiny, and letting go.

When I say "The Abhorsen" I am referring to a bloodline of necromancers (those with the power to raise the dead) that exists to lay the dead to rest. Sabriel is the next in line to be The Abhorsen.

This is my list of words from reading.

Some words I picked out are

Bells - they're wielded to create bindings and spells from Charter magic and carried by necromancers. There are seven bells, each with a different name and purpose

Mogget - a white cat who's actually a very old spirit bound by the abhorsens, and is neither good nor evil.

Charter - one of two kinds of magic in the story. Charter magic is pure, neverending and is a comfort to charter mages (people who can use charter magic). Charter marks are symbols drawn in the air, spoken, thought, or whistled to create spells.

Two Sides



Green & Silver

Boom chain

Abhorsen's House

This is when I was doing N for Nix. But I think I'm going to switch to G for Garth. 

Some Gs. Most of these are me getting used to the letter and the many different ways to draw it.

Here's an update on the letter N. I'm kind of liking it more than the G now. I'd love some feedback on the below. I'm also having a hard time depicting an underlying theme, as opposed to the obvious characters or symbols in the book.

UPDATE 11.30

I decided to try an old blackletter letterform. In the first one, I included a skeleton key, the symbol of the Abhorsen blood line and added the celtic triad symbol for life, death, and rebirth. They're still pretty flat to me. I'm also still working on the letterform with the bells. 


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