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Saber Toothed

5/3/2014: Sketching

For this, I knew exactly what kind of head I wanted for my creature. A more feline like look with a mixture of something scaley and fierce, hence the small eyes. But as for the rest of the creatue I was at a complete loss. And I still am. There are so many different body types that fit very well with the body that its hard to choose. 

5/4/2014: References

So for this creature, I decided to go with the top right body shape. I want strong forearms to help take down large prey. But it's body will be scaled and patches of fur here and there. 

So for my photo study, I choose to do four instead of just one since there is so much I want to takle with this creature and I want to get it right. 

I decided to focus on the fore arm for the two cat studies but focus on the skin for the hairless bear and the claws and shape for the sun bear. 

Now on to anatomy studies. 

For this I did a smilodon populator study. I based the muscle structure on a lion.

Now on to the finished creature design

5/5/2014: Color Schemes

7/14/2014: Posing

I used the bottom right pose.

Full image

So I just went ahead and just completed the image. So no lighting image or anything. Sorry.


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