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SaaSquash: Crowdsourced bug reporting with incentives.

I had recently launched a SaaS business, but quickly felt a very familiar wave of emotion come over me...

What if my customers don't like the product?

What if the product isn't ready, and I embarrass myself releasing a product that isn't finished?

What if it breaks, and my customers get angry, and leave before they give it a fair shot?

What if I'm a total failure...?

It was bugging me so much, and I knew that others felt the same way when they launched their products and services.

So it got me thinking...

There's got to be a way to eliminate this fear... turn potentially angry customers who flood your inbox into support tickets into happy and excited customers who can't wait to use your product.

That's when I came up with SaaSquash.

SaaSquash helps you avoid those nasty support tickets by giving your customers rewards for finding and reporting problems with your product / service (whether it's bugs, confusing user interfaces, etc).

Happy customers means you are providing the best value you can to them, reducing your churn rate and refunds, and makes sure that both you and your customers are rewarded for working together!

If you are interested, you can check out our pre-launch here:


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