SYA Notes + Concept

SYA Notes + Concept - student project

I had book club last weekend for a book I've been reading as part of a local reproductive rights group of and got to meet the editor and creator of the movement Shout Your Abortion. The book is a collection of stories, each written in the writer's own voice with some major themes emerging throughout. I chose to focus my drop cap on the following themes as a celebration of the movement: feeling heard, feeling empowered, feeling compassion, and feeling part of a community. I chose the letter A, both for abortion and Amelia (Bonow, the editor), since the book has no single author.


SYA Notes + Concept - image 1 - student project


I started with the concept of a megaphone, but felt like that removed the "voices" from the people who they belong to - plus incorporating an actual person will allow me to play with some diversity and individuality elements when building this out as a set. My plan is to start with an A of Amelia herself (maybe send it as a little thank you for coming to our book club and joining in the conversation) but to expand it to a series of 5 or so other storytellers that reflect the diversity of the stories told in the book.

SYA Notes + Concept - image 2 - student project


Disclaimer: I am not here to argue about abortion, so please do not comment as such. THX.

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