SXSW 2015 - CALP

I took advantage of the festival goers, looking their festival best at this years SXSW. This project was a challenge for me, as I am not very comfortable with talking to strangers in general. Usually when I get the courage to approach a stranger for a photograph, I just take the photo as fast as I can to get out the situation; which usually results in a terrible photograph. For this project, I tried my best to calm myself and remember Zun Lee's lessons. Things to improve on, is remember to adjust my ISO and aperture to every situation. Which is something that usually slips my mind when approaching strangers for photographs, because I become a bit nervous. Also, my note taking was a bit confusing for myself and I took them! So I am a bit questionable with names. Other than that, I am pretty proud with how many great people I actually approached! Here are a few of my favorites, the entire project will be posted on my blog site.

- Chérie Amour


Janiie (Arlington, TX), Ari (Bufflo, NY)


Ted (Austin, TX)


Eli (Austin, TX)


Rafe (Austin, TX)


Ciara (Atlanta, TX)


Roland (Austin, TX)


Monica Jean (Austin, TX)


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