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SWEET "rainy" JUNE

2015, dec 8th 

Phase 1: Inspiration

Hi there! Finally here is my moodboard. I called this collection SWEET "rainy" JUNE because it reminds me when my 18 months son was born last June 2014:

1. The day we meet him for the first time ever, it was the SWEETEST day in my enterly lifeThe moment we meet him for the first time ever, was the SWEETEST moment in my life until now (then it came a full pack of weird new feelings and contradictions, we are learning how to being parents...)

2. It was a really rainy summer, truly!! ;))

I'd like to create a collection inspired by his sweet and curious soul, and how our life has changed since we meet him. 

To create a moodboard I pick some floral pictures to find colour palette inspiration. I took some of these pictures, and also picked some from instagram and pinterest searching (I love these apps so much to get inspired!!). Also, I include some patterns and illustrations from some of my favorite artists: Flora Waycott and Bethan Janine. 

I'm drawing some sketches and try to make a list of words, feelings and memories from these past 18 month of my life, full of happiness, love and new sensations, but also confusion, insecurity and big changes in life priorities. Happy to be here!! ;) Thanks for stopping by


I am still working on picking the colours for my collection, but I have fun on creating this first illustration (including the colours that I feel drawn to and some sketches I've done...). Can't wait to share more with you. I enjoy seeing all of your projects!


2015, dec 9th 

Phase 2: Drawing and Digitizing these are some of my sketches. I'd like to include in my collection some floral drawings and  geometric shapes too. I've been drawing trees and birds because my little boy love them. Today I tried to put myself out of my comfort zone:

1. I've been drawing directly with my ink pen and brushes (not use my pencil and erase at all)

2. I've been drawing animals for the first time ever!!! YAY! I feel so excited about it and I am pretty happy with how these little birdies look! ;)



2015, dec 11th

Today it's time to Digitizing my drawings in Adove ilustrator using my wacom tablet... It has been a long time to drawing all of these sketches with the blob brush tool again. I paint them randomly while I am drawing them (these are not the final colours) Tomorrow I'll choose some colours that I feel drawn to and I will start paint them and create some pattern. Fun, fun, fun!!! It's so exciting see all these motifs come alive... I love these birdies, they look so cute and I am pretty proud of them (it's my first time drawing animals!! yay!)


2015, dec 12th 

This is my workspace right now! working on my first pattern and I don't know where this is going... (thoughts are welcome!!) Maybe I am so tired and need to sleep!! zzzzZZhh (LOL!) I'd like to include some flowers, but I am not sure if they are going to look nice.
I am working with my colour palette already, but the motifs are painted randomly again, I never choose the final colourway until I have my pattern done, it's just my way to work! What do you do at this stage? Choose first the colours of the motifs or at the end?


2015, dec 13th 

YAY! This is exciting!! After a few hours digitizing and playing with the motifs I feel drawn to, I got my first pattern and I am pretty happy with it (all comments and thougts are more than welcome!!)

I called this one WILD FOREST LEAVES and this will be a secondary pattern maybe... Working on my mains pattern right now, so I hope I could upload them soon tonight!

This is the pattern box with all the motifs on the right, and also the original doodles at the bottom. I inculded the colour palette in these tiny&lovely flowers below the name of the collection. Hope you like it!! (such an amazing feeling to see all the doodles come to live and turn into patterns ;))



These are the final pattern in three colour ways!! I really love them all and it is hard to choose only one. I think they look nice, but remaind me too much at autumn time... mmmh I think I should try other colourways to make them look more like a sun shine and bright spring time! What do you think?


2015, dec 14th 

I started working on a main pattern with my tiny birdies and tipis motifs. I like include as much as I can and that people who look the pattern feel like are there a lots of things in to get lost looking at it. I am not sure about the colour again, but I try to create something that I feel drawn to it.


2015, dec 18th

I am still working in more designs for this collection. It has been an amazing oportunity being in this two weeks workshop about surface pattern design with Elizabeth Olwen. I feel motivated again so I try to create more patterns to practice, find my own style and learn more about it. So here are my last patterns, inspired by a rainy days (with and without umbrellas!!). This time has been so hard to pick only one or two colourways... so I decided to share 4 and 6 colourways


First I designed this one with these tiny dots, the drops and clouds. I wasn't sure about it when I finished, so I tried to change some motifs and I changed dots for umbrellas. I think it turns out beautifully and now I like them both... Maybe I should change the colours in the first one, reduce the colour palette and make them as a coordinate pattern.


Last Update:

2015, dec 23th

Flowery Meadow, this is my new pattern that I've been designing these days! I play with some tiny flowers from my sketches and this is the result... and I think that I like it!! 



This one above in purple background was the first one I designed. Then I started playing with my colour palette...

Flowery Meadow (blue background)


Flowery Meadow (green background)


Flowery Meadow (orange background)


Hope you like it,

working on more designs....


Alex ;)


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