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I have wanted to start a clothing brand for the longest time and I have always had so many ideas.  I finally got it all together and started printing shirts.  The brand name is SWANKY which stands for Success, Wealth, Ambition, Numbers, Knowledge, and Yourself.   The word swanky is definied in the dictionary as outwardly showing off.  They say the rich and wealth are swank.  To ensure the highest level of SWANK all shirts are made in limited quanitites and all shirts will never be reproduced.  So as a customer you are getting a shirt that is very rare which enhances the Swank appeal but you are not paying an outrageous price for the shirt.  In a sense the brand is effectively acting like a high end brand like Louis Vutton but you won't have to break the bank to buy a SWANKY shirt. 

I have relesed three products to get the name out and the hype started.  The first three products were a success and I have almost sold out of all of them.  I want to make a t shirt that represents each one of the letters in SWANKY starting with the Wealth and coming back around for Success.

This logo is actually three different currency symobls (US, Japanese Yen, and the Korean Won) all superimposed on each other.  Again this is based on the same principle I discussed earlier.  Wearing a shirt with a dollar sign on the front can be someout outwardly show off'ish but when three currency symbols are superimposed on top of each other that effect dissapears. 

Lastly the last letter of SWANKY is yourself and I believe that is the most important letter of the word.  All clothing is and should be an extension of your body and nothing more than that.  You can wear a SWANKY shirt and know that you won't find many others wearing the same shirt.  Rather than showing off your wealth, ambition, numbers, and knowledge you keep that to yourself as these ideas are represented in the clothes which again is just an extension of your body.  A good analogy for this is a mirror. You can go around wearing a SWANKY shirt and feel SWANKY about wearing it but no random stranger is going to call you out for showing off or being ostentatious.  But when you are in front of the mirror and you see the shirt on your own self you can tell yourself you look good or you feel SWANKY.  It's pretentious without being pretentious.


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