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Justin Lincoln

Educator / New Media Artist



SVG Arrays.

I've been using Processing for a little while now. Object Oriented Programming has always been a challenge, so I'll use this as an opportunity to get used to a more complex type of programming.  Using Hype, and even using Illustrator and Photoshop ( other than to resize or tweak images) is new for me. I'm very interested in exploring the workflow in this set of tutorials. I guess my end goal is that this framework can start making work that looks like mine, instead of bad copies of Josh Davis. I feel like I have quite a ways to go.

Update Jan 07.

Getting happier with these results, but I still feel like I am working under Josh's shadow. I need to understand the Hype well enough to make it mine. I'll stay on it.

Update Jan  09

I guess this workspace is just coming down to working with arrays of svgs. Still not sure that Hype makes this easier than using Processing on its own. We'll see.


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