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Hi. I've been playing with Processing the last two months before this course started. This had been my first serious attempt to learn P5, using at the beginning the totorials of Abe Pazos at, and later the very inspiring Daniel Shifmann's Nature of Code.

Now i've started two online courses: this one (obviously), and Introduction to Computational Arts, in Coursera.

If you are a complete beginner, and feel comfortable with spanish language, you might find useful my learning blog . It's just the place where I store my notes about this learning process.

I'm also a teacher (arts - design), and really-really appreciate Joshua's energy and encouraging style of teaching. Thanks for that.


To begin with something simple:


Just a grid using nested while loops. ¿Can you see a small shadow under every rectangle?



Not very happy with this one. Just following instructions. Added a semi-transparent rectangle after every svg object to create the effect of atmosphere. It turned the colors quite ugly. Also, when the object is at the bottom, the probability of being small is higher, using 'd.y()' for that.

And yes, this sucks at color. Have to work on it

Update 20/09/2013

Working with HGridLayout I first tried to do something with traditional moroccan patterns and color. The patterns I chose were based in octagons (have to try with hexagonal ones), to fit better in a square grid.

Moroccan pattern

I like the colors, but find the grid too complicated, so I tried with simpler tiles:

Simple grid 01

Simple grid 02

I kept the colors of the moroccan grid over a gray background, and added another background of line-only tiles in different sizes to break the too square grid. I like when colors help to break the grid also...

Better this way?

Update 26/10/2013

I've been away for a few weeks... now I try to get back to the path where I left it.

Square grids are too square...

Square grid

Always need something to break the ortogonal lines. So I liked the projects by Álvaro Sánchez and Randy Steward. Trying to connect the hexagonal grid with my last exercises, found a tile-game called Palago (

In this one the tiles rotate randomly ->


And the next ones try to introduce some order...

Update 28/10/2013



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