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Clare Duffy

designer by day~artist by night~surfer in between




My illustration project is a visual 'about me' objects that tell a bit about my interests, tastes, identity and obsessions. I wanted to share my little process for how I got my illustrations to the final product in a short and simple way. Might show you another new way of rendering that I sometimes use :)

So first of all I scan the image, play with the levels and bring the image across to a new document as Kate does. 


I then select the area outside my object with Contiguous unchecked (this is in top toolbar in CS6). I then select inverse and then fill (alt+delete) to fill the colour. Make sure this layer is below the layer with the outline.


Next Step you select the layer with the outline and set the blending mode to be 'Darken' or 'Multiply' instead of 'Normal'. As you can see here:


I then used the magic wand to select the areas I want a new colour (whilst on the outline layer) and then create a new layer before filling with new colour (I put a lighter purple and a white in:


I also did the same for the lenses but brought the opacity down so you could still have the transparent element to make sure they look like glasses and not sunglasses:


I did this for all of the illustrations in my project. I also assorted them individually / in groups for my instagram so you can see the drawing in better detail, I then posted nine so when you scroll through my instagram you can see them all together from afar :) @c_lare_bear




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