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Chris Brown





SURF & PROTECT is goal orientented brand. With the name being not only being a play on words (serve and portect) but also the social initiative the brand hopes to accomplish, which is: To protect the nieghborhood we live in by creating a vicious cycle of giving back. Based out of Jacksonville Beach, FL, I wanted to start a brand in in the urban nieghborhood I grew up in to get unexposed kids there into surfing as way to overcome fear of deep and becoming a statistic of that environment. Also teaching them why educating in public schools is important not only for themselves but for the community they're growing up in. In turn teaching them how they can give back if they chose to stay close to the things and people that will help them.

This dogshark shield is a representation of the duality of the brand. The shark representing the surfing, beach life, and overcoming of fear aspect. While dog represents the protecting, urban, and giving back aspect. The circle shape represents the vicious cycle of giving back and unity of the two halfs.

The Thalassa Shield is also a representation of the brand where in that Thalassa is a sea goddess who protect the enviroment she lives while also giving back life.

Other design are in the same vein as the two main concepts. These desgins are mainly for shirts with the Thalassa design being capable of being on a hat.



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