'STRETCH' - resistance band packaging/label

'STRETCH' - resistance band packaging/label - student project


This admittedly still could use quite a bit more tweaking and time - in the interest of the latter I'm going to have to leave it at this stage for this class.  Disappointed to not have finished completely but the exploration has been a fun challenge.

Best wishes to all else who 'attended'.



'STRETCH' - resistance band packaging/label - image 1 - student project"Stretch!" label roughs -

I need to work on a better figure and need to work in more details as to what exactly the product is (resistance band + illustrated guide cards).  Lots to do still.

'STRETCH' - resistance band packaging/label - image 2 - student project

'STRETCH' - resistance band packaging/label - image 3 - student project

MOOD BOARD [above]:  'STRETCH' resistance band packaging/label

CONCEPT:  Repackage resistance bands and  broaden their appeal to markets beyond physical therapy uses.  Nod back to retro fitness packaging to perk up a simple product. 

Branding approach:

1.  Vintage2. Fun & cheeky with a pop of color
3.  Simple - 2 color job using product as third color, exposed through die cuts
4.  Approachable
5.  Mix of messy and clean

Celeste Duffy

Make Beautiful Things.